Easy, big-time scalable web hosting: Clustered hosting

Hosting Cluster Servers

Many machines serving few sites!

What is Clustered Hosting you say?  It’s the top-of-the-line shared hosting service that we provide to clients that need high scalability (i.e. those with high traffic sites that a dedicated server might not be able to handle) but who don’t have the budget or technical experience to set up their own scalable server solution.

In a normal, shared hosting scenario ($8.95 per month), we place up to 200 web sites on a single server.  Though this may seem like a lot of sites on one server it’s actually far fewer than large, volume-based providers typically place on a theirs.  With Clustered Hosting ($99 per month) we currently have seven servers that host ten web sites.  Yep, that’s less than 1.5 web sites for each server.

(Note:  For a full list of our hosting options click here.)

How does Clustered Hosting benefit a web site?

Speed: Each server’s load average (a measure of how hard the machine is working) is continually monitored and traffic is directed to the machines that are working the least, thus ensuring blazing speeds.

Scalability: As traffic increases to the cluster we simply add more machines to it, which spreads the work around, ensuring that your site will be up no matter how much traffic comes to it.

Redundancy: If a machine in the cluster fails, or needs to have maintenance performed, our cluster load balancers automatically detect the issue and remove that server from the active server pool ensuing that your customers don’t miss a page load.

Ease of use: Though clusters can be a complex environment to work in for a web developer we’ve created ours to work like the rest of our our shared hosting accounts.  This means a web developer can get right to work creating web sites while leaving the hard stuff to us.

And remember, whether your web site is hosted on a shared machine, or our Hosting Cluster, our network is quadruple redundant and fiber-cut-proof!  No one bests our up-time.  No one.

Questions?  Feel free to ask!

~ Oban

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