Announcing VPS Auto-Tune!

Brownrice Internet

Brownrice Internet VPSs

After a full year in development and testing Brownrice Internet has just released our revolutionary VPS Auto-Tune Service.

What is VPS Auto-Tune and why do you need it?

One of the secrets of hosting companies and systems administrators world-wide is that web and database servers that are left in their default configurations run horribly slow.

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Building yet another massive VPS host machine!

Data Center manager Logan building yet another screaming VPS host machine:  24 CPU cores, 128GB RAM with 8 Hard Drives running on an LSI hardware RAID controller configured with RAID 10!  Suck it SSD!  Blazing writes plus real redundancy! (Yep, we spend too much money on our servers.  And yes, all of our host servers are configured exactly like this.)

Logan and VPS Host

Logan and VPS Host

Why trust your data to this small hosting company? (with video)


link_256Brownrice outperforms everyone.

We pride ourselves on our ability to match and surpass the big providers in speed, reliability, redundancy and support.  We’ve built our network and our data center from the ground up based on our years of hands-on experience.  We don’t use third-party data centers – only our own.  “We’re waiting for tech support to get back to us on that issue” is not a phrase we’ve ever used.


  • The Brownrice network is triple-redundant.  Our primary fiber connections peer in physically redundant locations; Albuquerque, NM and Denver, CO.
  • Our backup connections are via a large-capacity microwave link which uses the exact same technology that high speed financial traders use to beat the market.  This makes our network virtually unbreakable.  See it in action in this video (view the video full screen to see details):

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How many visits can a virtual server handle?


There are a lot of variables that go into how many hits and visits a virtual server can handle; from how efficient the site’s code is, to how beefy the host server is, to how over-sold the host server is (among other things.)   Regardless, I still thought you might be interested in seeing some real numbers from a popular web site that we host on a virtual server:

Month Total Visitors Visitors per Day Unique Visitors Unique Ratio Pages Hits BW
April 2013 285,598 9,519.9 183,722 64% 3,521,151 31,729,312 1,149.2G


In April, on a 4GB RAM virtual server, this site served pages to 285,000 visitors and had 31.7 million hits.

Breaking this down further we might assume that a similarly coded web application could handle about 70,000 visitors on a 1GB RAM ($39.95 per month) virtual server and about 35,000 visitors on a 512MB RAM ($19.95 per month) Brownrice virtual server.


What security tools do we use?




What tools does Brownrice use to alert us to a compromised hosted web site or server?  Let me show you:

OSSECA great open source tool that constantly monitors server log files and file systems in real-time. OSSEC’s log monitoring helps with an important part of PCI Compliance, it can be configured to automatically block bad guys from doing bad things, and its a fantastic tool for post-mortem hack analysis.  We have OSSEC installed on all of our hosting servers, virtual servers, and managed customer servers.  It reports back to a mother-ship server so we can keep an eye on things from a central location.

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