What the heck does Brownrice do?

The Brownrice Fishes

My Mom has a vague idea.  So does my wife.  My kids think we fix computers, eat candy, and watch the fish tank – none of which I can deny.  Our clients usually know some of what we do, if we do it for them.   With the exception of myself, my staff, and a very small sub-set of our clients who utilize all of our services no one knows what the heck we do.  So here goes:

For Small Businesses

We provide web site hosting, email hosting, web cam hosting, live video hosting, and virtual server hosting.  We’ve got 30 in-house servers which handle all of this and are connected to a quadruple-redundant network.  We’re affordable, fast, secure, reliable, and we’ve got a very friendly and experienced staff of people that support these services.  This is why we’re better than the big, volume-based providers.

For Big Businesses (or those who think they are)

This is where it gets a bit more complicated.

The short answer is this: We provide web application programming, web application testing, server administration, and server security for businesses, start ups, and government agencies.

But this often makes people’s eyes glaze over and reply with things like “So do you design web sites?”

Um, well, kinda.

Let’s try this:

Someone has a Big Idea and they want to make it happen on the web.  We do that.  We set up the servers either here at Brownrice or elsewhere (Amazon or Rackspace), according to how big the Big Idea might become.  We write the code so that the Big Idea works and acts the way it should.  Then we test it.  Then we secure it so that bad people can’t get into it and so that the credit card companies are happy with it.   Then we make sure the Big Idea gets backed up to various places so that fires, earthquakes, and random acts of stupidity don’t wipe it all out.  Then we monitor the Big Idea and fix it if something goes wrong.

Not necessarily in that order.

Along the way we often bring in graphic designers to make it pretty or Search Engine Marketing people to help it show up in Google searches.

Then we go back to eating candy and watching the fish tank.

Got it?

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