One ridge, two nerds, a couple of cameras, and lots of snow…

The Taos Ski Valley ridge opened for the first time this year – nice and early with lots of snow.  Of course Dave, our lead systems administrator, suddenly needed the day off (pashaw!!). And my brother Sam, who works for TaosNet and who installed the nearly-famous Ridge-Cam, had some urgent things to “fix” on the ridge today. Sooo… this is what the Ridge-Cam normally looks like:















And this is what it looked like for a few minutes today…















Funny, eh?  But actually quite impressive if you see where Sam was sitting when the screen capture was taken!



















Yeah, that’s a big tower on top of a really high ridge.

Nerd + Climber = Sam Lambie!

Good times!

If you’d like to see the ridge cam in action click here.

Photo’s by Howie Roemer and Dave Wilson.





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