Recommended outdoor, all-weather web cameras

Axis Camera Hosting

Axis Camera Hosting

Here is the current list of outdoor web cameras that we recommend.   The price differences generally have to do with 1) the level of optical zoom of the camera 2) the level of weather proofing and 3) the type of mount.  While we have the most success with Axis cameras nearly *any* camera will work with our servers so feel free to go out and find one on your own.  And you can get sub-$1,000 cameras if you buy a fixed camera, which I’ll follow up with recommendations in another blog post.

If you’d like a breakdown of our super-affordable, best-camera hosting prices in the frikkn’ world, go here:

We don’t have special pricing on cameras so feel free to purchase them directly yourself using the links below or anywhere on the ‘Net.  When your camera is installed (we’ll need access to the camera on port 80 and port 554) and online contact us and we’ll get it streaming for you and your millions of visitors!

Foscam F19805P: $129.99


Axis P5514-E 720p: $1,289.99


Axis P5414-E 720p: $1,425.89


Axis P5534-E: $2,197.10

2 thoughts on “Recommended outdoor, all-weather web cameras

  1. Great suggestions!
    What do you recommend for an outdoor (windy, rainy, snowy coastal location) Axis PTZ camera with 20-30x zoom?
    This is for a yacht club on the coast of Maine…

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