Eight-core server for $168 per month

Ready to roll!

We’ve got a dual cpu, quad-core server available on our racks right now that could be yours for $168.00 per month.  Yep, that’s 8 CPU’s and 4GB of RAM powering 1 Terabyte of drive space in a 3ware RAID 5 array.  This is a great deal.

The keys could be yours today if you’ve got the game to tame this beast.

And if you don’t have the game we can manage it for you starting at $99 per month.

No contract required, just a credit card.

Questions?  Contact us directly:  info@brownrice.com or 575-758-4175

~ Oban

2 thoughts on “Eight-core server for $168 per month

  1. Wish I had all of my personal projects off the ground and able to bankroll this deal… This would make a great virtualization platform and the price is fantastic.

    I have some questions…

    1. Do you happen to know what the IOPS capability of the 3ware controller and the included drives is? I’m assuming these are SATA disks.
    2. How much to upgrade to SCSI disks for better I/O? Maybe that’s a new server. :-)
    3. Do you have NAS onsite?

    Thanks for posting this, Oban. I have a few clients who may be interested. :-)

    Jeff Harris
    Lightweb Consulting

  2. Hi Jeff,


    1) I don’t know the IOPS yet but I’ll benchmark it Monday and get back to you. And yes, there are four SATA 300GB drives in the machine currently.

    2) You are correct, upgrading to SCSI would be another machine.

    3) Yes, we have NAS on-site. If you email directly we can discuss details.

    Thanks! And I’ll get back to you on Monday with the IOPS.

    ~ Oban

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