New (and free!) webcam features

Here are a few new features we’ve recently added to our webcam streaming accounts, all of which are totally free:

  • Sign up for email alerts when we can’t reach your cameras.
    • Want to know when your camera goes down?  Then turn this option on and we’ll email you if we can’t reach your webcam after 30 minutes. 
  • Replace all overlay logos and links yourself.
    • You can now login to the dashboard and add, remove, and replace all of the logos that are overlayed on your video player without contacting us to do it for you. Also, you can update the links that people are sent to when they click on those logos.  These overlay logos are great ways to generate advertising revenue.
  • Define custom video player aspect ratios.
    • If your webcam player currently has black bars on the sides or top and bottom of the video you can now change the aspect ratio of the player (by default its 16:9) to remove those bars and have your video fit snugly inside of the player.
  • Restrict playback of your webcams to only web site addresses that you allow.
    • While most of our customers want their webcams embedded in as many sites as possible, some want to restrict playback to certain URL’s.  You can now define a list of addresses that are allowed to play your video in the dashboard.  By default we don’t restrict playback.
  • The monthly webcam analytics emailer.
    • You’ve received these, right?  On the first of every month we send you viewer numbers, camera status, and how many recordings and time-lapse videos are waiting for you to view in the dashboard.  Remember that time-lapses are created every night and are great and easy to share on social media.

All of these changes are accessible by logging into and then clicking -> Streaming -> camera Manage -> Camera Settings.

More improvements are coming soon but in the meantime check out our webcam FAQ which will show you many of the great things you can do with your streaming account:

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