Inspection!A few weeks ago an energy inspector dropped by and asked for a tour of our data center.  Yikes!

This is what he had to say after he left:

Oban & Vanessa,

Thanks for showing me your new data center.  As the Commercial Public Relations Coordinator for the 3rd largest municipal utility in Texas I am always interested in visiting facilities that focus on sustainability and energy efficiency. The use of HVAC and interior dampening to create an environment that responds to the climate and adjusts temperature using the naturally cool, dry conditions in Taos was most impressive.  Your system controls were easy to understand and showed that your center uses less energy than one would expect. Congratulations on bringing online a fine data center.  The .986 power factor I observed should make your power provider very happy.

Steve Moon, EEMCP


Whew!  That was nice to hear!

And for you HVAC nerds out there here is a small diagram which shows our ambient air cooling system.  Brownrice hot-aisle containment on the left vs. traditional cooling on the right.  We win!

Bad vs Good Cooling

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