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After a full year in development and testing Brownrice Internet has just released our revolutionary VPS Auto-Tune Service.

What is VPS Auto-Tune and why do you need it?

One of the secrets of hosting companies and systems administrators world-wide is that web and database servers that are left in their default configurations run horribly slow.

Your new web site might run fine when it has little visitor traffic. However, as soon as traffic surges you’ll find that your web site quickly grinds to a near halt.  And this of course happens at exactly the wrong time – when visitors are finally showing up!

Contact your budget Cpanel host about the issue and they’ll nearly always say “You need to upgrade your service.” Helpful for them, not for you, and usually not the correct answer.

If you have a good Systems Administrator on hand they can manually tune your web server by doing these calculations and then hand you with a hefty bill.  And of course the web and database settings will need to be re-tuned often if your traffic or of data goes up, or down, with any frequency.  Not fast and not cheap.

So after years of manually tuning our customers servers and learning the absolute best settings to make them fast we’ve created an algorithm that does this automatically, all the time.  Brownrice’s new VPS Auto-Tune service continually collects over 30 VPS performance metrics and automatically re-tunes your web and database server settings whenever anything gets out of tune so that your sites always absolutely screaming fast.

No down-time, no slow-time, ever.

How much does this service costs?  Zero dollars. VPS Auto-Tune is free with every Brownrice Managed VPS.  Brownrice Managed VPSs start at just $9.95 per month and come with 1GB RAM, 40GB disk space, unlimited web site bandwidth, a responsive control panel, and free managed backups.

How do I turn this on?  Its already enabled for all of VPS customers.

Is there anything I need do know or do to take advantage of this?  Nope.  We do it all, in the background, without you having to do anything.  You just work on your site and we make it go fast, always.

I’m with XYZ budget Cpanel host and I want to move my site to a Brownrice VPS so that it can take advantage of Auto-Tune.  How do I do this?  Just contact us a or 575-758-4175 and we’ll move your site for you.  No charge.


~ Oban


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