Why trust your data to this small hosting company? (with video)


link_256Brownrice outperforms everyone.

We pride ourselves on our ability to match and surpass the big providers in speed, reliability, redundancy and support.  We’ve built our network and our data center from the ground up based on our years of hands-on experience.  We don’t use third-party data centers – only our own.  “We’re waiting for tech support to get back to us on that issue” is not a phrase we’ve ever used.


  • The Brownrice network is triple-redundant.  Our primary fiber connections peer in physically redundant locations; Albuquerque, NM and Denver, CO.
  • Our backup connections are via a large-capacity microwave link which uses the exact same technology that high speed financial traders use to beat the market.  This makes our network virtually unbreakable.  See it in action in this video (view the video full screen to see details):


The Brownrice datacenter is world-class awesome.

We built our data center using experience gained over 15 years of hosting with our focus on making it super secure, extremely reliable, and environmentally friendly. We’re very pleased with the results.  So are our customers.

  • Fully PCI-compliant with biometric entry, 24-hour video surveillance, and triple-layer security systems (physical, traditional, and IP based.)
  • Redundant UPS systems and generator power backups.
  • Automated environmental and hazard monitoring.
  • Extremely environmentally efficient cooling systems that utilize our location’s cool, dry air.
Data Center hot-aisle containment and expulsion
Brownrice hot-aisle containment and expulsion with filtered outside air cooling (on left) vs traditional data center, inefficient re-cooling of hot air (on right)

Questions?  Contact us.  Or ask us for a risk-free trial of any of our services.  Unlike volume-based providers, we’re sure you’ll like what we offer and want to stay.


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