Recommended indoor web cams

Axis Wireless Camera

Axis Wireless Camera

Here is the current list of indoor cameras that we recommend.  The price differences generally have to do with 1) the level of optical zoom of the camera 2) wireless capabilities or not and 3) if there is PTZ control. However nearly *any* modern IP camera will work with our servers. So feel free to go out and find one on your own.  And here is a link to my post about Outdoor, all-weather, PTZ cameras.

If you haven’t seen it yet go here to read about our web camera streaming services:

When your camera is purchased, installed (we’ll need access to the camera on port 80 and port 554) and online contact us and we’ll get it streaming for you so you can easily embed it on any web site!

Foscam FI9826P Indoor Pan/Tilt Wireless: $129.00

Axis M1025: $270.00

Axis M5014 PTZ 720p: $449.95


There’s really an Axis camera to fit EVERY type of need.  Check them out here and let us know if you need help selecting:


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