Recommended indoor web cams

Axis Wireless Camera

Axis Wireless Camera

Here is the current list of Axis indoor cameras that we recommend.   The price differences generally have to do with 1) the level of optical zoom of the camera 2) wireless capabilities or not and 3) if there is PTZ control. However *any* Axis camera will work with our servers – or any camera that supports h.264 video over RTSP (its not as complex as it sounds, ask us and’ll let you know if it’ll work) for that matter – so feel free to go out and find one on your own.  And here is a link to my post about Outdoor, all-weather, PTZ cameras.


If you’d like a breakdown of our super-affordable, best-camera hosting prices in the frikkn’ world, go here:

We don’t (yet) get special pricing on cameras so feel free to purchase them directly yourself using the links below or anywhere on the ‘Net.  When your camera is installed (we’ll need access to the camera on port 80 and port 554) and online contact us and we’ll get it streaming for you and your millions of visitors!

Axis M1004-W: $195.99

Axis M1014: $215.00


Axis M5013: $459.00


There’s really an Axis camera to fit EVERY type of need.  Check them out here and let us know if you need help selecting:


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