A slew of new web camera hosting features!

We’ve released a slew of new features that our customers can now use with your their webcam hosting accounts!

Here’s what we’ve released:

Time-lapse videos:  Every 10 minutes our servers take a snapshot of each of our customers webcam video streams. Each night our servers busily collect all of those snapshots and create stunning time-lapse videos that our customers can watch in our dashboard, download them to their desktop, embed in their web sites, and share on social media with an easy link.  This is a free service.

Video recordings:  Just like it sounds; our customers can now have our servers record their webcam video streams 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  They can then login to our dashboard and view those recordings, download them to their computer, embed them in web sites and share them via a simple share link.  Video storage come with 1GB of free storage and is billed at $1 per month per 20GB’s for ever 1GB of video above that.

Playlist Creator:  This is an option for any Brownrice web cam customer with more than one video streaming service and allows them to build totally custom streaming playlists from all of their video streams, recordings, time-lapse videos and video advertisements. We’re the only web camera streaming company in the world to offer this service.  And its 100% free.  How does this work?  Say you want to show a short video advertisement before your live stream starts; you can now easily make that happen. Say you want a playlist of the best of your cameras that cycles each though 10 seconds of live video from each camera before switching to the next; easily done! Since there are so many possibilities we’ll be following up this email with another describing playlists in greater detail.

We’re excited about all of these new features and hope you will be too.  We’re busy creating editing documentation for each of these new features but feel free to email or call us with questions in the meantime


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