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Do you know what’s even better than Brownrice’s SmartVPS hosting?  Hosting a bunch of SmartVPS instances on your own Private Cloud server in the super-green Brownrice data center, that’s what!  And we’ve got extremely fast and affordable servers in stock right now.

Why use Private Cloud server?  First, when your hosting accounts and VPS instances are on a shared server they can be bogged down by the other accounts on the same machine.  This simply can’t happen when you own the underlying hardware.  Secondly, the amount of RAM, CPU, and Disk that you assign to each of your instances is controlled by you with easy sliders in our dashboard. Heck, you can even oversell the host servers resources to your customers if you like.  So if a site is slow just drag the sliders to give it more RAM and CPU without incurring increased costs.

What can you put on a Private Cloud server?

  • SmartVPSs.  These instances are pre-configured with everything a hoster could want (dedicated IP, free Let’s Encrypt SSL’s, easy control panel) and is fully managed and optimized by our automatic tuning scripts.  These VPS are *always* fast and can host as many sites as you like. WordPress screams on a SmartVPS as does just about any CMS that you like.  See the full details here.
  • Un-managed Linux instances:  If you prefer to roll-your-own you can choose nearly any Linux distro and assign whatever resources you like to each instance. Think Node.js, or Nginx, or python scripts!  We’ll automatically back up the entire OS every night to multiple data centers and our auto-tuning scripts will alert you if anything is getting wonkey.
  • A world of software! Want a private Git repository?  Want to share files with OwnCloud in a secure and PCI and HIPAA compliant way?  Need a private Wiki for your companies internal documentation?  A Private Cloud server will host all of this and more.

We have 24 CPU (X5660) servers with 64 GB’s of RAM and 2TB’s of hardware RAID-10 disk space for $99 per month – in stock right now.  Connect one of these bad-boys to our Dashboard and you can easily spawn as many SmartVPSs and non-smart VPSs – any Linux OS – as you like and we’ll manage them and back it all up to two data centers for another $99.00 per month.  That’s $198 per month and includes so many features you’ll never go back to a clunky CPanel machine again.

If you are interested in signing up or have questions please ask!

Thank you!

~ Oban

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