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How many simultaneous connections can a server handle?

Well, it depends on quite a few things, but let’s start by looking at some server settings and example web applications.

Arguably the two most important settings that govern how much simultaneous traffic a Linux server running the LAMP stack can handle are the Apache MaxClients setting and the MySQL/Mariadb max_connections setting.  From here on I’ll refer to both of these settings as your max connection settings.  If set too high your web and database software can consume all of a server’s available memory and crash it, which can be very painful.  If set too low your web server will slow incoming traffic unnecessarily.

For example, if your application is streamlined and doesn’t use much RAM to render web pages then your max connections settings can be set very high, allowing hundreds of simultaneous users to your site on a small VPS with, say, 2GB RAM.  However, a WordPress site with tons of plugins – some poorly coded with non-optimized MySQL queries – can use so much RAM that the max connections settings should be set very low, in order to prevent RAM swapping and server crashes.

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Quad SSD on RAID-10 hosting with free SSL

Quad SSD hosting

Hosting web sites on a 4xSSD Brownrice SmartVPS is so fast it’ll make even the slowest sites rip!

After extensive testing we’ve super-charged our SmartVPS platform so that every new SmartVPS ($7.95 per month, 2GB RAM, 1 CPU core, 10GB 4xSSD disk) comes with the fastest disk IO currently on the hosting market. These SSD’s are powered by LSI RAID cards in a RAID-10 configuration, which means that they are twice as fast as normal SSD disk systems, and four times as reliable.

Keep in mind that our 4xSSD SmartVPSs already come loaded with our revolutionary AutoTune service that constantly monitors 30 performance metrics and fine tunes Apache and MySQL to take advantage of your servers memory, CPU and traffic loads.

And on top of all of this every web site and subdomain that you host with us automatically receives free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates, which goes like this: Make site live, wait 20 minutes, get free SSL certificate.  No clicks, no email verification, no money.

So contact us and we’ll move your site from its current slow-hosting to a Brownrice SmartVPS. We’re migration specialists and do this for free. Then sit back and enjoy your happy customers and watch your Google rankings climb.



Double RAM again!

We’ve doubled the amount of RAM our SmartVPS customers now receive.  So for just $9.95 you’ll get a managed VPS that can AutoScale, tunes itself, and come with 2GB’s RAM and 40Gb’s of disk space.  You can host a lot of sites or handle a lot of traffic with these bad-boys!Brownrice Internet

Target Hack Phishing email scores a 9.00!

I’m super impressed with this Phishing email.  Its the best I’ve seen and if it weren’t for just a couple of easy-to-fix mistakes it would have scored a perfect 10.00!

Here’s the back story:  Target was hacked early last month.  That was big news that most people are aware of.  My wife and I were even sent new credit cards as a result.  But what you might not have heard of was the impressive level of phishing emails that are being sent out now targeting (heh, get it?) these customers.  So read along and I’ll dissect this particularly good one using our Olympic, Sochi-style scoring.  First, a screen shot of the original email:


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Oban Talks Hackers 2011 New Mexico Tour

A web site owner

The “Oban Talks Hackers 2011 New Mexico Tour” continues this Friday, June 3rd at the prestigious Hotel don Fernando de Taos at 11:30am.

Its $15 for Taos Chamber of Commerce members to attend and $20 for non-members.  Note that this loot doesn’t line my pockets, it goes toward the fantastic hotel lunch that you’ll be served while I dissect how hackers will get into your site and make your life miserable.  The details about the talk are here:

Please RSVP to Steve Fuhlendorf at

If enough people RSVP we’ll do a live webcast of this event as well.  i.e.  It’ll be blacked out just like a big sporting event unless it sells out locally, so RSVP!


~ Oban

The most secure shared hosting – Brownrice!


Until recently our shared hosting servers suffered from some of the same vulnerabilities that many of the volume-based hosting providers do.  Namely, if one site on a shared server was hacked it was possible for the hacker to deface other sites on the same server that had files or directories with loose permissions.  I.e. 777 permissions.

Yep, even if you diligently keep your site and code up-to-date your site could still be hacked because someone else’s site on the same server was hacked.

Ugly, eh?

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How to (un)successfully advertise on the Internet, Part 1

This is Part 1 of  a series by Oban Lambie.  Part II is here.

I’ve done some hard time on the ‘Net.  For years, stretching into decades, I’ve coded sites, run servers, and held the hands of customers both big and small to get my little business to where it is now; a hosting and programming shop in Taos, New Mexico.  I love the work, my staff is great, our customers are loyal and happy, and though we’re not getting rich, it pays the bills.

Now I’m going to try to do three things, none of which I’ve successfully done before:

  1. Launch a new product on the ‘Net.
  2. Find some people that have never heard of me, or my business, and persuade them to buy the product online.
  3. Show you exactly how I do it.

The Promise

I’ll expose everything, pants on the ground style, while I do it  – from the under-the-hood technology, to the how-we-target-Keywords techniques, to the Search Engine Optimization tricks that we’ll employ and finally through a wee bit of email marketing.  I’ll also show you what tools I use to track my successes and failures and detail exactly how much money we make, or lose, in the process.

But first…
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