Oban Talks Hackers 2011 New Mexico Tour

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The “Oban Talks Hackers 2011 New Mexico Tour” continues this Friday, June 3rd at the prestigious Hotel don Fernando de Taos at 11:30am.

Its $15 for Taos Chamber of Commerce members to attend and $20 for non-members.  Note that this loot doesn’t line my pockets, it goes toward the fantastic hotel lunch that you’ll be served while I dissect how hackers will get into your site and make your life miserable.  The details about the talk are here: http://www.chambermaster.com/directory/jsp/events/EventPage.jsp?ccid=80&eventid=8511

Please RSVP to Steve Fuhlendorf at steve@taoschamber.com.

If enough people RSVP we’ll do a live webcast of this event as well.  i.e.  It’ll be blacked out just like a big sporting event unless it sells out locally, so RSVP!


~ Oban

2 thoughts on “Oban Talks Hackers 2011 New Mexico Tour

  1. Well, how did it work out?

    Would have liked to have made it, though I’m pretty well versed already. Would have still be interesting to hear a fellow lulz-defender speak though. :-)


  2. Hi Jeff,

    It went well. We’ll have a copy of the presentation online in the next couple of days for people that missed and while they were fighting lulz and/or running errands.


    ~ Oban

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