Now running AlmaLinux 9

We’ve loved you for many long-times CentOS, but we’ve moved on… And, well, its you, not us.

And Hello AlmaLinux 9!

CentOS was very good to us for decades of solid and fast hosting. In fact we built our entire hosting business off of it. However, when CentOS switched to stream-based updates we decided we had to start looking at other Linux operating systems for our hosting base.

We won’t bore you with the details of this search but know that of mid-June all of our new SmartVPS servers ride on the back of AlmaLinux 9. The transition has been surprisingly smooth and the results have been fantastic! We’re seeing considerable speed increases and much improved memory management throughout our hosting stack.

So moving forward, we’re riding with AlmaLinux!

About Oban

Oban manages the Brownrice Internet staff, keeps the network humming, and chases his wife and twin boys around during his time off.