Upstream pipes, sorted!

Yesterday, September 14th, 2023, Lumen rerouted one of our internet pipes so that there are longer any overlapping areas where both of our outgoing fiber connections are physically near each other.

Additionally, the morning before, on September 13th, 2023, we successfully completed our final failover tests on our new, third outgoing pipe, which is wireless for the first 1/2 mile, then takes another fully diverse fiber path to the internet.

This completes the network changes that will ensure that the dual-fiber cut that happened on June 7th of this year can not happen again. Additionally, even if both primary fiber connections were to be taken down in some wildly bizarre way, we’ve now got a third connection that all of our traffic will route through, with no slowdown in performance.

We thank Lumen and Kit Carson Internet for working with us to make this all happen. It’s kind of a big deal for us.

About Oban

Oban manages the Brownrice Internet staff, keeps the network humming, and chases his wife and twin boys around during his time off.