Streaming server upgrades and maintenance

Our streaming services will be offline for approximately 1 hour on Monday, August 10th, beginning at 3pm MT (GMT -6) for upgrades to our streaming servers and video players.  Because our customers are global this maintenance time affects the least amount of our viewers.  If there is a large event that you are expecting during that time (like another Hawaii hurricane!) please let us know and we’ll reschedule.

In the coming weeks after this upgrade is complete you will have these options for your video and radio players:

  • Stream recording:  This service will automatically archive your live stream on our servers for later viewing (or listening in the case of our Radio streamers) and downloading, like a DVR and/or Video Security system.  So you’ll be able to go back in time to see what happened yesterday, last week, or last month on your live stream. This  storage option will be available for web camera streaming, live video, and radio station customers alike.
  • Pre-roll Video:  This will give you the ability to login to our control panel and upload a video or audio file that will run prior to your live stream.  This will allow you to display ads or informational videos prior to your live stream.  This service will be available for all video and radio streaming customers.
  • Email a snapshot:  Users will be able to click a button on your live video player to take a snapshot of the current video and email it to whomever they like with a personalized email and your company’s tag line included.   Email addresses will be automatically collected and provided to you.  This service will be available to web camera customers with Axis cameras only.
  • Automatic Time-lapse: Our servers will take a snap shot every 15 minutes from your camera and store these images on our servers, then we’ll provide you with simple javascript embed code so that you can place this time-lapse video on any page of any web site.  In beta testing these timeless have been spectacular, even with PTZ cameras.  This service will be available to web camera customers with Axis cameras only.

We haven’t finalized pricing on these services (some may be free, or some may use freemium approach, some may cost) but I can assure you that just like our existing streaming services these prices will be the best prices on the internet!

Feel free to ask questions.

Thank you for your business!

Oban, Vanessa, David, Geordie, Joel and Logan

Brownrice Internet


Recommended indoor web cams

Axis Wireless Camera

Axis Wireless Camera

Here is the current list of Axis indoor cameras that we recommend.   The price differences generally have to do with 1) the level of optical zoom of the camera 2) wireless capabilities or not and 3) if there is PTZ control. However *any* Axis camera will work with our servers – or any camera that supports h.264 video over RTSP (its not as complex as it sounds, ask us and’ll let you know if it’ll work) for that matter – so feel free to go out and find one on your own.  And here is a link to my post about Outdoor, all-weather, PTZ cameras.


If you’d like a breakdown of our super-affordable, best-camera hosting prices in the frikkn’ world, go here:

We don’t (yet) get special pricing on cameras so feel free to purchase them directly yourself using the links below or anywhere on the ‘Net.  When your camera is installed (we’ll need access to the camera on port 80 and port 554) and online contact us and we’ll get it streaming for you and your millions of visitors!

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Recommended outdoor, all-weather web cameras

Axis Camera Hosting

Axis Camera Hosting

Here is the current list of outdoor web cameras that we recommend.   The price differences generally have to do with 1) the level of optical zoom of the camera 2) the level of weather proofing and 3) the type of mount.  While we have the most success with Axis cameras nearly *any* camera will work with our servers so feel free to go out and find one on your own.  And you can get sub-$1,000 cameras if you buy a fixed camera, which I’ll follow up with recommendations in another blog post.

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Target Hack Phishing email scores a 9.00!

I’m super impressed with this Phishing email.  Its the best I’ve seen and if it weren’t for just a couple of easy-to-fix mistakes it would have scored a perfect 10.00!

Here’s the back story:  Target was hacked early last month.  That was big news that most people are aware of.  My wife and I were even sent new credit cards as a result.  But what you might not have heard of was the impressive level of phishing emails that are being sent out now targeting (heh, get it?) these customers.  So read along and I’ll dissect this particularly good one using our Olympic, Sochi-style scoring.  First, a screen shot of the original email:


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Why trust your data to this small hosting company? (with video)


link_256Brownrice outperforms everyone.

We pride ourselves on our ability to match and surpass the big providers in speed, reliability, redundancy and support.  We’ve built our network and our data center from the ground up based on our years of hands-on experience.  We don’t use third-party data centers – only our own.  “We’re waiting for tech support to get back to us on that issue” is not a phrase we’ve ever used.


  • The Brownrice network is triple-redundant.  Our primary fiber connections peer in physically redundant locations; Albuquerque, NM and Denver, CO.
  • Our backup connections are via a large-capacity microwave link which uses the exact same technology that high speed financial traders use to beat the market.  This makes our network virtually unbreakable.  See it in action in this video (view the video full screen to see details):

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WordCamp Albuquerque and an excellent retweet!

WordCamp Albuquerque 2013

WordCamp Albuquerque 2013

We had a great time at WordCamp Albuquerque yesterday.  As with all good conferences we attended excellent sessions, and met some very bright and enterprising people. And a bonus!  The attendees at my session didn’t seem to fall asleep, laughed a couple of times, and asked great questions.

If you’d like to see my presentation it can be viewed here (obviously minus the live crimescene hack discovery):

And again, a big thanks to @awhitehatter for his excellent hackery work and documentation, which made the talk much more lively.

Added post-conference bonus:  I got a nice retweet from Matt Mullenweg (the founder of WordPress):

Matt and I are total buddies

Matt and I are total buddies!

Hacked, defaced and damn happy about it!

@awhitehatter - My favorite hacker!

@awhitehatter – My favorite hacker!

Thanks to the excellent work of @awhitehatter this site was penetrated and defaced!  I’ve never been so happy to be violated.

You can see his work here: (that’s a full copy of this blog from shortly after it was hacked)

Want to know how he did it?  Well you’ll just have to come to my session at Wordcamp Albuquerque tomorrow to see all of the details.  It’ll be fun and very informative!

And don’t bother and try to break into this site any more – its been cleaned and updated to the newest version of WordPress!